We have a very high success rate because we are passionate about each and every case and work diligently to find solutions.  When need be, we are tough in negotiations.  Our goal is to protect your rights and to get the best possible result.  The reputation of our firm is built on your success.

Clients from all over the world use the services of the firm in various areas including immigration, criminal matters, civil matters, family matters, real estate transactions, corporate/commercial law, and wills and powers of attorney.

We represent clients in all Federal and Ontario courts, including the Appeals and Supreme Courts.


Suvendu Goswami is a well-renowned lawyer in the GTA.  He graduated from Brock University with Bachelor of Business Administration and obtained a law degree from the University of Toronto.  He has been in practice since 1996.

He has a very high success rate in court cases because he is passionate about each and every case.  He is aggressive, accomplished, well known and respected locally and internationally.