Family Law

Our firm provides affordable cost-effective legal solutions for all family law matters.  Our experience in helping clients through hard times has earned our firm a reputation for excellence in family law.

Family Court proceedings are rarely simple.  Disputes arising from child custody or property matters can be incredibly stressful ordeals, which is why consulting a family lawyer at an early stage is vital.  We understand the importance of solid legal advice and professional guidance to be paramount and are committed to providing swift resolution to all family law matters.

We offer expert assistance in dispute resolution including mediation, arbitration and negotiation. Our focus is to provide comprehensive family law advice on your legal position, obligations and alternative options, to assist you with negotiations and where necessary, provide representation for Court appearances.

We are experienced in representing clients in family law matters such as:

•    Divorce
•    Separation Agreements
•    Marriage Contracts
•    Variation of Existing Agreements / Orders
•    Support, Custody and Access Matters

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