Wills & Powers Of Attorney

In a will, a person expresses in writing, how his/her assets and property shall be distributed upon his/her death.  It may also address the payment of debts, conditions upon certain gifts to certain individuals, etc. Wills can also contain instructions regarding the care of minor children, gifts to charity and formation of posthumous trusts. In order for a will to be legally valid, the person must sign the will in the presence of two witnesses and he/she must be mentally competent and not acting under duress or under the controlling influence of another person.

If a person dies without a will, the government, the courts or an appointed estate trustee determines the division of assets and property, which may be contrary to the desires of the person.  It also usually results in delays, complications and unnecessary expenses, causing the estate to be substantially reduced in value.

Every adult should have a will, no matter what their income level or family status.  A properly executed will can provide you with significant tax savings.  Whether you require a simple will or a more complex will, we will advise and inform you on the legal and tax benefits of establishing how you want your estate to be handled, including naming an executor, property transfers, and choosing guardians for minor children.

A power of attorney allows someone to designate another person to make either medical or financial decisions for them in the event that they are not capable of making those decisions themselves. A power of attorney is created to avoid the necessity for a court-ordered guardianship in the event that they suddenly become incapacitated.  While a power of attorney can still be effective if someone is unconscious or incapacitated, it ceases to be effective as soon as they die.

We are ready to help you plan for the future, whether it is to write your first will, to update or change an existing will, or to draft a power of attorney.  We are experienced in representing clients in matters such as:

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•    Living Wills
•    Powers of Attorney
•    Notarizations
•    Statutory Declarations
•    Affidavits

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